Economic Calendar

Economic calendars are used to keep track of all the economic data that is due to be released by each country and region. Data releases are usually graded according to the impact they tend to have on the markets.


Economic Indicator

A statistic that indicates current economic growth and stability issued by the government or a non-government institution; i.e., Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Employment Rates, Trade Deficits, Industrial Production, and Business Inventories.



The trading account balance +/- Floating profit/loss from any open position.


End of Day (Mark-to-Market)

Traders account for their positions in two ways: accrual or mark-to-market. An accrual system accounts only for cash flows when they occur; hence, it only shows a profit or loss when realized. The mark-to-market method values the trader’s book at the end of each working day, using the closing market rates or revaluation rates. Any profit or loss is booked and the trader will start the next day with a net position.


Execution date

The date on which a trade occurs.


Expiry Rate

Or “Expiry Price” indicates the price of the contract at the time that the trade closes. This price determines whether an option has fulfilled its contract target.

Other terms

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