Demo Account

What is a demo account?

Demo account is a training tool for trading in financial markets. By opening this account, you get the opportunity to make trades for virtual money. In the trading terminal, the demo account has the same trading tools, timeframes and indicators, as the Real one. Registration of a demo account is possible on the website of ARUM Capital.

Open a demo account

Why do I need a demo account?

For Beginners

Trading on a demo account gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the financial market. You can learn how to open trades, how to place pending orders, you will be able to learn how to conduct technical analysis of the market, make an assumption about the behaviour of prices and watch out for quotes. At the same time, you do not risk anything - all trades are opened to virtual funds.

For practicing traders

For traders who already have experience in trading, demo accounts provide an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the platform and test it before opening a real account. Many traders believe that trading strategies can also be tested on demo accounts. This is a controversial statement, since virtual money has no value and the attitude towards them is more lenient. The results of testing the strategy on a demo account may differ from the results of trading on a real account.

So, for example, having achieved a stable positive trading result on a demo account, it is unlikely to succeed in realizing the same in the real market. When trading for real money, the key factor is psychology - something you will not find on a demo account. After getting a loss when trading with virtual money, you can always open a new demo account and try "from scratch".

Which demo account to choose?

ARUM Capital provides traders with an opportunity to open a demo account forex on the platform ARUM.MT5.

MT5 - is a platform for trading in various financial markets: forex, CFDs, futures, options, shares, bonds. In comparison with MT4, it has more timeframes, graphic indicators and technical objects are available. The platform has a user-friendly interface and is easy to learn.

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How to open a demo account?

  • Register on ARUM Capital website.
  • Open the demo account ECN.MT5.
  • Install the appropriate platform on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Enter your login and password and start trading.

A training demo account is a great way for beginners to try their hand at financial markets. However, we are in a hurry to warn that real and demo accounts differ within the framework of Arum Capital. On demo accounts there is a slight delay and some differences in trading conditions.

This is due to the fact that we are a real STP broker, that is, all 100% of trades are executed on the side of the liquidity provider. In other worlds – in the real market. There are possible sharp changes that cannot be realized on the demo account in real time. At the same time, the delay on the demo accounts, for the human eye is invisible, but it is there. We ask you to take this into account when testing our trading conditions.

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