The market of cryptocurrency: advantages and disadvantages

Over the past few years, it is safe to say that digital currencies are becoming more popular, but at this stage can not yet replace Fiat. There was an evolution of Fiat money, more precisely, a new way of mutual settlements with the help of cryptocurrencies. There was a system of transaction accounting based on blockchain technology, the algorithms of which allow to keep records and calculations between the participants of the system. The payment system is decentralized and transparent, all transactions are visible up to the moment of cryptocurrency creation. All participants of the system are in absolutely equal conditions to each other, and have exactly the same rights and obligations, which can not be said about the owner of any Fiat currency.

Transactions between the participants of the system are without quantitative restrictions, and absolutely in any volumes. Currently, there are many exchanges, including those with a state license, where you can freely trade the whole list of cryptocurrencies, opening margin positions at will. Low Commission costs are also characteristic of cryptocurrency transactions, which is an undeniable advantage in comparison with traditional money transfers. The safety of the purchased cryptocurrency for its owner is possible at the highest level, however, there are many technical aspects associated with the storage and acquisition, but when you consider these points, the safety is guaranteed. The decentralization of the cryptocurrency allows it to exist without control and management bodies.

Interest in the cryptocurrency continues to increase. The main cryptocurrency is bitcoin. With the help of bitcoin, you can participate in the primary offerings ( ICO) of other crypto-currencies and blockchain projects. Currently, bitcoin continues its growth, conquering more and more historical peaks. Today, many Forex liquidity providers have added the ability to buy bitcoin via CFD, which is certainly convenient, as it allows you to trade the most interesting instrument from a single account.

However, in comparison with the classical Forex market, the cryptocurrency market is in its nascent phase, where various force majeure events are possible, while the Forex market technologies are perfectly debugged, and the liquidity of only one currency pair EUR/USD is tens, hundreds of times greater than the liquidity of the pair BTC/USD. The skillful use of margin opportunities of the Forex market will easily allow you to earn no less profit than from trading on crypto-currency pairs.

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