How to attract investor

At the beginning of each trader’s career, everyone trades at his own funds to gain practical experience, skills and first income. In the event that trading brings positive results, the trader begins to think how to increase his income, using his experience and developed trading strategies. One of the effective ways is to attract investors, as a result of which the trader performs the same operations, but on attracted funds, and in case of a positive result he receives a reward from the profits of investors.

What is important for investors when choosing a strategy?

The duration of the strategy
Investors consider trading strategies with a history of 8 trading weeks. This allows you to reduce the probability of an accidental success of the managing trader and evaluate the real possibility of the strategy to bring a positive result.

Trading statistics
Trading results depends on the style of trading strategy manager. With a conservative approach, drawdown should not be more than 10% and loss-making trades should be less profitable. If you have an aggressive strategy, the dynamics of profitability can be in a very wide range. But in any case, the trend should be positive. Usually investors invest in several strategies of different managers to diversify their investments.


How can you attract an investor?

To find an Investor it is necessary to have a trading strategy with positive and consistent trading results that are displayed in long term period. 

You can use our RAMM platform to find good traders with profitable strategies and invest funds or find an investor. For an investor, investing money through the RAMM account is safe, since he has option to diversify investments by choosing several strategies, maintain maximum allowed risk for each investment and withdrawal funds at any given moment.

The presence of a trading strategy on our RAMM-account will significantly allocate you among competitors and will simplify the search for an investor. It's worth to know that each investor is looking for reliable broker with European license that has agreement with top liquidity providers.

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