Volumetric analysis on November 20


We have seen the weakening of the US dollar, and most of our trading ideas have reached their realization. The EURUSD pair continued to grow without significant correction, and it was possible to make money on it only by buying at the Friday maximum. Overall, yesterday we viewed this scenario as aggressive. Today we see that, in the price range of 1.1420-1.1385, the volume of the acquired trade is numerically greater than the volume found at current prices. Thus, we can indirectly assume that the open interest of the buyer remains in this range, and in general the structure of the uptrend remains. However, buying on highs could lead to big drawdown, so we will look for an opportunity to buy after a corrective decline in the area of, 1.1420-1.1385. The goal after the correction and the purchase of 1.1450 with the prospect of updating yesterday's high.


The depreciation of the US dollar is very noticeable on the USDJPY pair. Our yesterday's idea to sell after the correctional growth did not take a place, the price fell immediately after the opening of the American session, without giving the opportunity to profitably enter a short position. Our further plans have not changed. We see that the volume in the price range of 113.00-112.70, although not the maximum, is quite large. During the correctional growth we have the opportunity to look for entry points to the sale with the target of 112.40 and 112.00. Note, that the probability of a price increase above the 113.00 exist. Clearance here will tell us that the structure of this pair is not stable and it is worth preparing for flat movements within a few days.


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