Volumetric analysis on February 14


Still, the market structure and fundamentals did not give the pair a solid boost. Movement down took a place main tendency has expanded. Today, only one idea- try to find additional signals for sale in the range of 1.1280-1.1310. This range is tight, so the likelihood that the price will fall precisely from this price levels it is not great, but if the trend is strong, then we do not expect a price higher than 1.1310. In this regard, the mentioned level is well suited to those, who already have positions and are thinking about transferring the transaction to breakeven. If the trend remains strong, then we should count on the continuation of the decline to the mark of 1.1180.


This currency pair also has a clear and follows it. Mark at 111.00, which we talked about as a goal, has been achieved. There are no special signs of possible reversal so far. Therefore, we, also by analogy with EURUSD, single out an area of ​​110.60-110.30, as probable support. If the trend is strong, then we do not expect a price lower than 110.30. In this case, this level is also suitable as a place for breakeven, if, of course, the position is still there. The next target for growth is 111.30. Can there be a reversal? In the long run is unlikely. Do not forget that interest rates in Japan and the United States are different. And in the direction of the strength of the dollar. Yes, and monetary policy is very different. Japan prints money a lot and a lot, the United States, on the contrary, withdraws it from the system. Therefore, the appearance of prices is lower than 109.50, in the current economic situation is unlikely.


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