Volumetric analysis on October 09


Yesterday, the pair implemented one of our scenarios. In particular the release of support 1.3045-1,3005. And the interesting thing is that at the time of this release, the volume in the range of 1.3075-1.3030 was quite good. It can be marked as a place of possible support. Of course, for those who are already in open position, there is no special need to re-enter, but whoever wants to jump into the outgoing train, it makes sense to consider purchases with this goal up to 1.3105 or 1.3145. But pay attention to the fact that this is already jumping into the train. Considering the general background in other instruments, you can be happy to see the price at 1.3105 price level and actually do not wait for more, and leave the goal of 1.3145 as positional.


We were mistaken with the idea that the instrument would go up, although there were reasons for doubt, and we talked about them. The nature of yesterday’s fall suggests that sellers are active, and we have two ideas about it. The first is to sell from a small zone of resistance 113.40-113.25 with a view to 112.85 and even 112.30. However, this idea does not have a big chance of implementation, since with a more or less significant correction, the zone 113.40-113.25 will be broken. But there is an idea number two - try to wait for correctional growth towards to ​​113.55-114.15 and sell there for at least 112.85 and for the future 112.30. This idea is more suitable for conservative traders.


Yesterday was either corrective, or reversal day. It should be understood that oil is now quite politicized, and much depends on the news background that is published in the media. However, the market structure is not broken. The maximum volume is still in the zone of 75.15-74.00, and until the price passes 75.15, we do not consider purchases at all, and it is possible that right now we have a favourable price for sales. The goal for the fall is 72.20, but it is also worth counting on the intermediate goal of 73.35, the probability of reaching which is much higher.



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