Volumetric analysis on September 6


The support of 1,1570-1,1490 did the job, the upward movement began precisely on the American session opening on Tuesday alongside with the large volumes. In general, yesterday's US session went smoothly, as well as on Tuesday under the sign of weakening the US dollar. The price range rises to 1.1630-1.1600. There was a confident predominance of market purchases on the exchange, and we can assume that the interest of buyers remains. We will count on the growth of quotations as long as the price is above the 1.1600 price level. However, there is no serious potential in the movement. Movement up to 1.1665 is possible, there is also a probability of reaching up to 1.1685, but it's not necessary to update the maximum so far.


Again, the subject of Brexit influence to the quotes of this currency. It is noteworthy that the growth took a place after a false breakdown of 1.2800 price level, but we believe that this is a coincidence. Strong events have broken the market structure and now we can speak about the development of an upward structure. We note the zone of 1.2910-1.2870 as support, there was an interesting activity in terms of volumes, and we expect the price to increase towards 1.2960 or 1.2995 in perspective. However, we should not rule out a fall in prices below 1.2870, which will indicate the lack of initiative and a complex technical picture.


It seems that the change of the trend is not far away. Support at 68.10 is almost overcome and it is worth getting ready for a depreciation. Mark zone 68.55-69.35 as an area where there is potentially an open interest of the seller and where the reaction can begin. The task is to wait for the final breakdown of 68.10, then rollback to resistance 68.55-69.35 and from there to expect a decline. The mark, where there is potential - 66.25. However, it is worthwhile to understand that it is far for one day, which means that the deal will have to sit.


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