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Today, from statistics, market participants will receive the consumer price index in the UK. However, these figures cannot have much of a significant impact on the national currency. Summer months traditionally tend to not present many surprises, and hence, market participants should not expect serious fluctuations from the emerging statistics.

It is worthwhile to look closely at the following interesting option: the GBP/USD pair grew by three figures for a week and also drew a double top on the hourly chart. The situation became favourable for the opening of a short position on the pair, and the goal in case of the realization of this scenario lies near the 1.3 mark. The development of this sweet scenario for traders with short positions can be prevented only by a falling dollar. But its fall has currently exhausted all the possibilities. Participants are ready to buy the dollar, selling other currencies against it, including the pound.

It remains to enter into the position on the GBP/USD pair and wait for the profit, without forgetting to limit the entry to the position with a stop-order no higher than the local maximum levels of the double top.



It cannot be said that the global appetite for risks has crossed all conceivable boundaries, but an appetite has appeared. The missile launches on the North Korean Peninsula have ceased. Against this background, stock indices have calmed down and have moved into growth. The S & P 500 index is moving to its absolute maximum levels. For gold, adding to the picture of the current situation, you can read yesterday's review, where the entry into a short position on this metal was considered.

The only thing that should not be overlooked is the large blocks of extremely important macroeconomic statistics that will start to emerge from Wednesday, and on Thursday the markets will receive a mountain of statistical data that will be delivered to the market from different parts of the world. The Bank of England will publish a summary of its monetary policy, and the NBS will publish a decision on the Libor rate.

In the following reviews, a more detailed analysis will be published on the Swiss franc. As a result, volatility will increase in the financial markets from Wednesday, and the planned goals of movement can be achieved very quickly.

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