A press conference of ECB President


The number of initial applications for unemployment benefits, weekly data that will be published in the US is certainly an important figure, but today's intrigue is the press conference of ECB President Mario Draghi following the meeting of the monetary policy committee. As a cherry on the cake for this climactic event, there will be answers to journalists' questions by Mario Draghi himself! Reading the text of Draghi's speech between the lines today seems to be the number one activity for the financial world community. Volatility in the European currency will go off scale. It is advisable to close or reduce positions, where the main currency is the euro. Today, the markets will get the main answer to their question -is the level of 1.20 on the EUR/USD pair expensive or cheap? For those who have very large marginal positions, it is advisable to take a sedative five minutes before the start of the press conference.

The beginning of the press conference: 3:30 pm (Moscow time). Duration: 45 minutes.



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